KEEN-Regions project aims to create a collaboration between the 3 Research Driven Clusters in order to expand the potentialities already existing in these regions, combine and integrate their enormous wealth of resources to increase synergies and to complement  one another- all with the common goal of creating a huge potential for research and economic development at the EU level.

In concrete KEEN-Regions will work to reach the following goals:

  • MAPPING and COLLECTING information about the mutual potentialities:

1 report per Research Driven Cluster

3  SWOT analysis

  • Deepening the MUTUAL KNOWLEDGE through:

3  Mutual Learning Visits

  • Fostering the COOPERATION and the INTEGRATION

9  Best Practices identified

1  Foresight Exercise performed

  • Boosting TRANSNATIONAL CO-OPERATIONS in areas of common interest

3 Staff exchange

2 International partnering events

  • Developing a JOINT ACTION PLAN

1 signed JAP with Business Plan


Below you can download the public deliverables produced:

D1.1_Research_and_knowledge_infrastructure_report.pdf372.91 KB
D1.2_Business_investigation_report.pdf185.8 KB
D1.3_Policy_report.pdf451.55 KB
D 5.3.2 Introduction to Dissemination_Tools_and_coordinated_image2.pdf56.76 KB
D5.3.2 - Dissemination_Tools_and_coordinated_image.rar6.48 MB
D5.1.1_Infrastructure_for_cooperation.pdf1.13 MB
D2.3 International Context Analysis.pdf702.52 KB
KEEN-Regions_brochure_web.pdf1.37 MB
D4.2 Joint Action Plan.pdf877.89 KB
D4.3_JAP Business Plan.pdf272.02 KB

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