Nanotechnology is a very promising area as the potential applications are broad and the impact for the local economic development is high.
Anyway to gain a competitive position in this exciting field, it is mandatory to have excellent research infrastructures, multidisciplinary competencies, investments for up-to-date technical equipments, skilled HR, and strong links to the business community.
This is the reason why many well-established research centres in Europe are working in Research-Driven Clusters, aggregating key-players such as researchers, competitive companies and public authorities.

This is the case of the Nanotechnology Clusters in Veneto, Rhône-Alpes and Basque Country, which together control more than 200M€ public investments, 2000 researchers and 200 research laboratories.

Following a bottom-up philosophy and utilising the direct involvement of Regional Authorities, KEEN-Regions  will ensure a quick and comprehensive implementation of the actions through the setting up of a Joint Action Plan agreed by all interested stakeholders.

A three-step approach will be used :

  • mapping and analysis of existing resources
  • interactive exchanges and mutual learning
  • a focused integration process

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