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KEEN-Regions Research Potential

Veneto, Rhône-Alpes and the Basque Country embody three different models of nanotechnology research driven clusters. In fact KEEN-Regions initial activities aimed to collect and share targeted information of each cluster through mapping and analysis of the existing resources.

The information on the research centers were collected through a structured questionnaire and this knowledge was identified as the first step to enhance the collaboration between the clusters.

The information gathered concern:

  • Facilities (location, dimension and specialization)
  • Equipment (machines, functions and usage rates)
  • Researchers
  • Financial resources
  • Research Potentiality (personnel profiles, research areas and results)
  • International Collaboration

Nanotechnology Research Potential

Responding to different strategies and to local contexts, the three research driven clusters:

  • Focus on different sectors. The Veneto cluster specializes in innovative materials and surface treatments. The Grenoble area is considered a leader in microelectronics and embedded system (nanodevices and sensors). The Basque Country focuses in several fields as bulk material, nano-magnetism, nano-optics, nanobiotechnology and nanodevices.
  • Prioritize applied or basic research according to their mission.
  • Dispose of unlike ranges of private/public funding.

To maximize the use of resources, encourage relation between researchers and sustain the project results beyond its end, a number of tools have been set up to establish networking relations, foster synergies and promote the sense of belonging to the KEEN community.

All the data collected are available for partners and KEEN platform users in order to facilitate the cooperation between clusters and research centers as well as enterprises interested in the nanotechnology field.

You can join the KEEN community now by signing up as researcher here or as firm here!

The Deliverable D1.1 "Research and knowledge infrastructure Report" is available in the project results page here.

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