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KEEN-Regions Policy Report

KEEN-Regions partners analysed through a specific questionnaire the different policy measures active in each regional context. The goal was to reach a general overview of the different actions in place in order to understand better the different contexts and to highlight the priorities identified at regional level as well as the initiatives underway at regional and national level.

The data collected concerns:

  • policies, measures and financial schemes supporting the cluster development
  • regional development plans and research agendas.

Nanotechnology Policy Report

It was generally observed that public support has been the most important engine for the sector development since the beginning. Nonetheless, the objectives of the funding have progressively shifted from the set-up of research infrastructures to the funding of collaborative projects research-research and research-business.

As a consequence of the decrease and cuts in budgets from the public administrations, it has been considered that research institutions and clusters will be required to find alternative sources of funding in the future, increasing dramatically the collaboration with private institutions and companies.

In addition, a topic of discussion related to policy actions is public procurement. The purchase of goods and services and the ordering of works realized with Nanotechnologies by a public authority can significantly impact two aspects: the commercialisation of research results, by means of acquiring existing technologies, and the boost of new research lines. Therefore, the public authority acts as a client and contributes to creating a market for  Nanotechnologies.

The Deliverable D1.3 "Policy Report", including these information, is available in the project results page here.

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