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KEEN-Regions International Context analysis

KEEN-Regions project foresaw an initial analysis to trace trends and possible new paths in nanotechnology sector in order to support the decision making process.

Taking into account that scientists, policy-makers and industry stressed the importance of studying  the social impact of nanotechnologies and of starting public engagement activities to avoid the mistakes committed by biotechnologies, KEEN consortium decided to focus this analysis on exploring how nanotechnology is publicly debated, advocated and contested.

The report is composed by three different sections:

  1. The public perception of nanotechnology (illustrating the major findings regarding the public awareness of nanotechnology as well as attitudes to and perception of nanoscale science and technology, as well as some of the factors influencing such perception).
  2. Mass media coverage of nanotechnology (one part is dedicated to a quantitative appraisal of such a coverage in selected countries and the second one focus on the tone and news frames in the coverage).
  3. Patterns of public engagement mechanisms (with some references to its limits in policy making).

The whole document is available here.

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