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KEEN-Regions Business Investigation

KEEN-Regions consortium investigated on a regional base the needs and potentialities of the business side in the nanotechnology field.

The analysis was carried out with different modalities in the three Research Driven Clusters, with the aim to explore the needs and the potentiality of the business side and to understand the approach of companies toward Nanotechnologies.

Data collected concerns:

  • Market Assessment
    • Information on companies which fabricate nanotechnologies.
    • Information on nano-consumers (companies or businesses which purchase technologies or products made with nanotechnologies).
  • Research-Business Matching(already established collaboration and companies’ technical needs)
  • Private Funds/ Initiatives for Nanotechnology (available business incubators, venture capital and business angels)

KEEN-Region Business Investigation

Overall results highlighted that the enterprises understand the potentiality of the Micro and Nanotechnologies in the economic growth, but the awareness and utilization of these technologies are still partial. Furthermore the companies deem the undertaking of scientific/technologic collaborations with academia a key aspect for implementing Nanotechnologies in their programmes and products, but they also recognize the company’s size as a relevant factor to decide which micro/Nano activity to embark on.

Therefore, it would be worth for them to define and implement specific measures based on the different level of request and of support needed, increasing the resources and funding available both during the R&D and the industrial development phases. Time to market of Nano-applications has been highlighted as another relevant barrier for companies and an improvement of the cooperation among researchers and business actors and of the potentialities awareness emerge as key challenges to overcome this obstacle.

Proposal for actions will then include tools for increasing positive awareness among companies on the effects and applications of Nano, and for promoting the commercialisation of research, by means of customizing technology according to the needs of the companies and offering targeted coaching services.

For example KEEN-Regions consortium developed the KEEN platform that includes several fact sheets/cases describing concrete Nano-applications. These cases are connected through categories to the related manufacture sectors and to the institutes and labs able to provide the research services showed in the cases. In addiction an automatic search engine will deliver customized information according to your user profile!

You can join the KEEN community now by signing up as researcher here or as firm here!

The Deliverable D1.2 "Business Investigation Report" is available in the project results page here.

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