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The first Mutual Learning Visit in Veneto

November 19th – 20th 2009: Learning visit in Veneto


On November 19th -20th 2009, Keen Region Project partners from Basque Country and Rhône-Alpes came to the Veneto Region to attend the first learning visit.  During these two days, partner regions’ representatives met some research teams and visited the laboratories of University of Padova and Nanofab, in order to understand the development of the studies about nanotechnology in Veneto.

In the Physics Department, prof. Mazzoldi and his group works on fundamental and applied research on optical materials and semiconductor materials. In the field of nanotechnology the main applications are in the area of sensors, nonlinear optics, biomedicine, energy, plasmonic.

In the Materials Sector of the Department of Mechanical Engineering different research subjects are developed, ranging from hydrogen storage to structural porous ceramics, to nanomaterials. Prof. Guglielmi  and his team work on Sol-Gel and Nanotechnology, Porous Ceramics and Glassceramics, Hydrogen Group.

In the Department of Chemical Sciences, the ongoing research projects in the field of Materials Science and Technology leaded by prof. Bozio are focused on several specific areas of application, such as nanophotonics for ICT, chemical sensing and biosensing, biomedical imaging, organic photovoltaics and fuel cells.

The research conducted by prof. Paccagnella and his team in the nanotech laboratory of the Information Engineering Department is mainly focused on the characterization and reliability study of electronic nano-devices.

Nanofab is the Venetian laboratory for the research on nanotechnologies applied to materials. It is one of the first Italian laboratories for nanotechnology transfer to industrial production and one of the most advanced technology platforms for the applications of scientific research to enterprises.

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