Keen-Regions aims to accelerate and foster the nanotechnology development in three European regions - Veneto (Italy), Rhone Alps (France) and Basque Country (Spain)- through the establishment of consistent and cooperative networks of research centres, boosting the synergies among the research and business communities and valorising the complementarities among these regions.

KEEN-Regions is one of the Regions of Knowledge projects and it is supported by the European Commission through its Seventh Framework Programme.


Global Activist Summit on Nanotech

calls on Governments to protect people and environment.

NMP Orietation Paper

Proposed priorities for NMP research 2012


Videos on Nanotechnology developments

KEEN-Regions Policy Report

KEEN-Regions partners analysed through a specific questionnaire the different policy measures active in each regional context. The goal was to reach a general overview of the different actions in place in order to understand better the different contexts and to highlight the priorities identified at regional level as well as the initiatives underway at regional and national level.

Report on Ethical and Societal Aspects of Nanotechnology

ObservatoryNano publishes report on Ethical and Societal Aspects of Nanotechnology Enabled ICT and Security Technologies

Nanochallenge and Polymerchallenge

International nanotechnology business plan competition

KEEN-Regions Business Investigation

KEEN-Regions consortium investigated on a regional base the needs and potentialities of the business side in the nanotechnology field.

Coordinated call EU-Russia 2011

Deadline: 31 March 2011 at 17.00.00 (Brussels local time).


Leti ( Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology) is an applied research center for microelectronics and for information and healthcare technologies.


CIDETEC (Centre for Electrochemical Technologies) operates in the field of applied research.

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