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Sustainable automotive electrochemical storage call

Deadline: 2 December 2010 at 17.00.00 (Brussels local time).

The 7th Framework Cooperation Programme (FP7) has launched a jointly call on 20th July 2010 for  the theme “Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies”, the theme “Environment (including Climate Change)” and the theme “Transport (including Aeronautics). The topic on Advanced eco-design and manufacturing processes for batteries and electrical components is identical in each theme. Hence, each proposal must be submitted only once either to one theme topic, but not to all. 

The scope is a large scale production of batteries and electrical components with good performances and at the lowest possible cost to fulfil the needs to the electrical vehicles development.Research shall address the whole value chain including the eco-design, assembly/integration and production of batteries and electrical components.

  • For near-to-market types of lithium-based batteries, projects should focus on manufacturing processes of cells but also on their integration into manageable battery modules and packs.
  • For electric drivetrains and in particular motors, the main challenge of cost reductions is to be achieved by design improvements.

For a significant industrial benefit, it should be possible to integrate the advanced manufacturing tools, methodologies and processes developed within the project into conventional or already existing production lines or, in case of new architectures, include new methodologies. In both cases the projects are expected to cover small-scale production-line demonstrators.

Indicative budget: EUR 25,5 million total budget. NMP theme budget is of about EUR 10 million.

The Collaborative projects (Largescale projects) have to be composed by at least three independent legal entities, each of these must be established in a different Member State or Associated Country.

More information is available on the call page: Nanotechnology electrochemical storage call

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