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A small science with a big potential

Nanotechnology represents a revolutionary discipline in terms of its possible impact on industrial applications.

It is described as a multidisciplinary science, that can be applied to a wide set of different research fields and can have several potential applications.
Currently, numerous products linked to nanotechnology are already available on the market or close to it.

Some examples are nanoparticles for cosmetics and sunscreen or for coatings and paints, technical textiles and clothing, sporting good, but, also, nanocomposites, self cleaning coatings, surface for high density data storage, “hard disks” with nanostructured, memory chips below 100 nm, photonic devices, diagnostic systems for medical applications such as “lab-on-chip”.

Public and private entities are continually allocating fundings for nanotechnologies research. It has been estimated that this market is expected to reach a volume of 600.000.000 € by the end of 2015 and to create more than 2.000.000 new jobs (source: “National Science Foundation”).

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