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Report on Ethical and Societal Aspects of Nanotechnology

ObservatoryNano publishes report on Ethical and Societal Aspects of Nanotechnology Enabled ICT and Security Technologies

On April 20th 2011 the ObservatoryNano released the third annual report exploring current ethical and societal issues related to nanotechnology in ICT and security technologies. The report is addressed to policy makers and researchers to support a responsible development of these technologies.

The ObservatoryNANO supports European policy makers through the provision of wide-ranging scientific and economic analysis of nanoscience and nanotechnology developments, which is further supported by assessment of ethical and societal aspects, impacts on environment, health and safety, as well as developments in regulation and standardisation.

The document covers three main areas:

  • Ethical and societal aspects of nanoelectronics and ICT,
  • Ethical and societal aspects of nano-enabled civil security, and
  • Civil / military dual use of nanotechnology.

This report examines current trends in the co-evolution of nanotechnology and society related to nanotechnology, ICT, privacy and security. The aim of the report is to highlight new or persistent issues currently in debate that merit the attention of politicians and policy makers engaged in decision making on nanotechnology for information and communication and for security. The report is not intended to present a new vision on these issues, but to identify significant issues and views discussed.

You can download the report here.

For further information: www.observatorynano.eu/project/document/3525/

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