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Nano governance under the lens in Venice

Representatives of local authorities, researchers and practitioners from several European regions gathered in Venice on November 24th to discuss the future of the governance for nanotechnologies.


KEEN-WorkshopThe event was organized by Veneto Innovazione in the framework of the KEEN-Regions project. Topical issues concerning the cluster policy model, the attitude of the public towards nanotechnologies and the communication tools were discussed with a view to suggest new options for policy-makers.

Firstly, it was recognized that the very nature of this technological field and the massive investments that need to be made, require a consistent support for the public sector. Nonetheless, it is necessary to adopt a more market-oriented approach, fostering the collaboration between research and business and giving priority to the needs of the market. 

Secondly, it was convened that an unaware society is a non-participative society. Participation in shaping nanotechnology policies has to be a social learning process about “extended conditions of experimentation”, where the local ecosystem of values and cultural behaviours are carefully taken into account when informing about nano.

Finally, it was agreed that public opinion on nanotechnologies can be positively affected by carrying out awareness-raising activities on their potential applications. In particular, an accessible and catchy website like minalogic.komunsens.fr is an effective tool to build a bridge towards society. This funny website targets users unfamiliar with microelectronics and it presents the different players involved in the innovation process, explaining the many applications for technologies developed by cluster-sponsored projects, and describing the technologies behind embedded systems. The website is easy to navigate with entertaining cartoon-like graphics, concise text, and abundant examples from everyday life.

Enclosed are available the Nanoweek speakers' presentations.

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