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Global Activist Summit on Nanotech

calls on Governments to protect people and environment.

The 4th International Nanotechnology Activist Summit took place in Berlin on October 6th  and 7th 2011 and participated about 30 activists representing 14 environmental, technology assessment and consumer organisations from Europe, the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Nanotechnology uses a powerful new set of technologies to change the characteristics of  a particular material. Nanomaterials are being in fact used in a variety of products.

The Wilson Center in the US has found more than 1000 nano-consumer products in the US market, the BEUC/ANEC inventory and the BUND inventory found that more than 800 nano consumer products are being sold in Europe.

The summit was an opportunity to discuss about the safety of the products containing these nanoparticles.

The speeches focussed on:

  • the need of a specific nano-regulation,
  • on nano-products testing,
  • the ethical and social impacts of these technologies.

Further information are available here.

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