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Coordinated call EU-Russia 2011

Deadline: 31 March 2011 at 17.00.00 (Brussels local time).

The 7th Framework Cooperation Programme (FP7) has launched a call for proposal on 20th July 2010 for  the theme “Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies”. The coordinated call EU-Russia foresees twin projects to be financed by the European Union and the Russian funding agency respectively. Two calls are published – one by the European Commission according to European rules and the other by the Russian Authorities under its own rules.

The activity area  is the Multiscale Modelling as a tool for Virtual Nanotechnology Experimentation and is composed by three different sub-topics:

  • Theoretical analysis, design and functional virtual testing of hetero or hybrid nanostructured elements for use in smart systems, integrated systems, OLEDs, photo-voltaics or energy saving applications.Goals: Elaboration of a set of physic-chemical models and methods for numerical simulation and the development of software system for computer simulation, design and functional testing of these materials and systems.
  • Theoretical analysis, design and functional virtual testing of organic matrix nanocomposites for industrial applications (including optical, electrical, and mechanical properties).Goals: Development of models, computational methods and algorithms for multiscale simulation of physico-chemical properties of organic matrix nanocomposites, depending on the functionalization of the material of fillers, and the development of a software system based on these methods for the computer design of these materials.
  • Theoretical analysis, design and functional virtual testing of behavioural features (e.g. biocompatibility and mechanical properties) of biocompatible metallic nanomaterials. Goals: Development of theoretical models, which describe the processes of fabrication and behaviour of biocompatible metallic nanomaterials for optimization of their structure and properties using various advanced theoretical methods: finite elements, molecular dynamics, Monte-Carlo, discrete Fourier transformation, molecular mechanics. Multi-scale modeling of the structure and its refinement under sever plastic deformation, diffusion process, as well as dynamics, thermal, mechanical and optical properties of biocompatible metallic nanomaterials. Experimental verification of created models and production of experimental samples of nanomaterials.

Indicative budget: EUR 4.5 Million by EU - NMP Theme (1,5 for each sub-topic). The budget for this call is indicative. The Russian Authorities have announced a corresponding equivalent funding from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

The small or medium scale focused research projects have to be composed by at least three independent legal entities, each of these must be established in a different Member State or Associated Country.

More information is available on the call page: Nanotechnologies EU-Russia Cooperation call

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