Nanotechnology concerns to the capability of observing, measuring, controlling and manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale to create novel materials and processes.
The prefix nano indicates something extremely small. So small, that a nano-sized structure needs to be magnified over 10 million times before we can clearly see it with the naked eye.
It is important not to confuse nanotechnology with miniaturisation. Even if both of them deal with small components, nanotechnology exploits the novel properties seen in materials when their atoms and molecules are very carefully arranged. These properties are not generally seen in large-scale solids of the same chemical composition.
This is the reason why it represents an unprecedented opportunity.

Technologies, techniques and processes related to nanotechnology show a new way of manufacturing which exploits the peculiar properties of the matter at the nano scale and allows the production of materials, structures and devices with properties and functionalities greatly improved or totally new.

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