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  • November 19th – 20th 2009: Learning visit in Veneto
  • Grenoble, April 29th-30th 2010
  • San Sebastian, June 28th-29th 2010
  • Venice, July 3rd-4th 2009
  • Veneto, Rhône-Alpes and the Basque Country embody three different models of nanotechnology research driven clusters. In fact KEEN-Regions initial activities aimed to collect and share targeted information of each cluster through mapping and analysis of the existing resources.
  • KEEN-Regions consortium investigated on a regional base the needs and potentialities of the business side in the nanotechnology field.
  • KEEN-Regions partners analysed through a specific questionnaire the different policy measures active in each regional context. The goal was to reach a general overview of the different actions in place in order to understand better the different contexts and to highlight the priorities identified at regional level as well as the initiatives underway at regional and national level.
  • KEEN-Regions project foresaw an initial analysis to trace trends and possible new paths in nanotechnology sector in order to support the decision making process.

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