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  • Proposed priorities for NMP research 2012
  • calls on Governments to protect people and environment.
  • The materials roadmap enables low carbon technologies.
  • Representatives of local authorities, researchers and practitioners from several European regions gathered in Venice on November 24th to discuss the future of the governance for nanotechnologies.
  • Leti ( Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology) is an applied research center for microelectronics and for information and healthcare technologies.
  • CIDETEC (Centre for Electrochemical Technologies) operates in the field of applied research.
  • Nanofab is the Venetian laboratory for research on nanotechnologies applied to materials, mainly focused on surface treatments, nanostructured polymers, powder metallurgy, sensors and biosensors.
  • NanoGUNE is a Basque center with the mission of performing world-class nanoscience and nanotechnology research for the competitive growth of the region.
  • The Joint Action Plan of the KEEN Regions project has been released on March 2012. The JAP aims to create synergies and to share new methodologies among KEEN-Regions partners.
  • During the KEEN-Regions project life the Smart Specialization concept has been repeatedly associated to the project activities. In fact the Smart Specialization has been widely utilized in the identification and setting up of the KEEN-Regions Joint Action Plan actions. For example one of the Smart Specialization ideas considers the clusters as the venue for entrepreneurial discovery process.

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